Scout Camp Arts & Media is a creative event contracting service that specializes in aerial acrobatics, photography, videography and djing services. Our inspired team works tirelessly before, during and after your event to ensure that no stone is left unturned and that the best possible service and products are delivered. We provide creative event contracting from product launches to international trade shows, music festivals to family weddings; Scout Camp has a service for you. By utilizing a large network of industry professionals, we are the liaison between you and the best suited performers, artists and creators with you and your event.

Team Members

Our dedicated and creative team is there to assist you before, during and after your event to ensure that no stone is left unturned and the best possible service and products are delivered.

Jody Wagstaff

A professionally trained chef, audio engineer, photographer, dj, father and
student of life that maintains family values and a strong sense of adventure. A love of learning and intellectual stimulation feeds an ability to quickly and effectively solve problems through creative and unconventional means. He holds a deep desire to not only succeed but to excel at any task brought his way.

Becky Dempsey

This Halifax native is unbounded by convention and preconceptions. Circus has stirred her soul and she responded to the call. In 2011, Atlantic Cirque’s training programs were the starting point in this incredible journey. After the completion of their intensive pre-professional program, a decision was made to pave her own path. Scout Camp was born and since then she has not only performed extensively throughout the Maritime’s and internationally, but has been the catalyst for many others to do the same.


Scouting the best performers Atlantic Canada has to offer! Scout Camp brings all factions and groups together with one goal in mind, putting on one heck of a show!

This is only a few of the many of talented performers we work with, stay tuned as more are added to the site and more detailed profiles are created.



The wheels are in full motion for this Frederictonian dj. From humble beginnings at CHSR and running the Capital’s weekly open mic hip hop night; this party rocking dj has been keeping feet moving on the dance floor for over 12 years. From festivals in Costa Rica to clubs in Halifax and everything in between, Scout has proven to rock every dancefloor.

Mizz Becks


Mizz Becks had always had a passion for performing, but it was only after several years of nomadic world traveling that the circus stirred her soul.. Being the proud co-founder of Scout Camp Arts & Media, Mizz Becks is thrilled to now be able to exercise her unusual combination of talents; overactive organization and management skills and a capacity for artistic expression! Mizz Becks is trained in a variety of aerial apparatuses, hand balancing, and acropole.



The newest member to the Scout Camp Arts & Media family and rapidly making his mark with incredible skills and unparalleled talent. Through martial arts, breakdance, fire play, acrobatics, and aerials; Apex is dedicated to the creative fusion of genres and brings a kinetic and powerful edge to any performance. His work ethic is beyond comparison and a passion that ignites a room.



Madelaine Higgins is an aerial artist and a trainer of circus arts. Madelaine is a graduate of the National Circus School’s Trainer program.

Juggling Bubblers


Jenille Cheney and Mike “Danger” MacDougall bring their years of experience in fire performance, club juggling, hats and bubble manipulation. The Jugglin’ Bubblers are crowd pleasers with audiences of all ages.



This long time fire performer has been a sleeping dragon over the past few years, until his recent awakening. His passion for performing, loveable personality and dedication to perfection, have him back on track to share his multi-talents and technical smooth flow with the world.  

Grim Photography


Our most talented and fun loving photographer, Geena is pure joy to be around and catches the most breathtaking photographs with technical perfection.

Cat Hats Community


Aaron and Carmen are absolutely the nicest couple you’ll ever meet. Their passion and dedication to their chosen path shines through in all they do. Aaron is at the top of Scout Camp’s go to videographer list, while Carmen’s uplifting spirit and talented seamstress abilities continue to find a way into our hearts. 


Fire Dart/Sushi/Lighting

The youngest and most loved member of our team. This guy has a future so bright you better wear shades when he’s around! 

My father was a very good Boy Scout. He was very skilled with knots, and he showed me how to tie a bow tie.Bill Nye

Our Services

Performance Arts

From high flying circus aerials to human statues, Scout Camp curates the best that Atlantic Canada has to offer and seamlessly delivers the talent to your event.


The most engagement and loudest cheers always follow our high flying aerial acts. Whether your venue has a place for us to hang or we bring our 24 foot high mobile rig, we’ve got you covered with our large array of aerial offerings.

Character Work

Bring your event to life with live interactive performers. From statuesque golden goddesses to playful mimes, we can help you make your next event something to talk about.

Acrobatics & Dance

Movement, flow, dance and theatrics are the foundation of all performance. Our multitalented performers demand your attention through choreographed routines, spontaneous flow and pure skill.


Juggling, poi, balance and much more are the centre of attention with these mind bending acts. Years of practice is made effortless, while leaving you in wonder and amazement.


Ok, now we take elements from all of the other performing arts and light them on fire! Our highly trained and safety equipped performers leave you in awe in wonder as they dance in mystical magic with their flaming apparatus.

More about Performance Arts

Media Development

Making your memories last through creative yet professional photos and video. Photos and videos get the most hits on social media, making them the perfect way to engage your audience before and after your event.


Posed and elegant to spontaneous and wild, our photographers are ready when you are or aren’t expecting it. Whether capturing the moment as it happens or spending a day in the studio; we guarantee that the end results will exceed your expectations.


Videos are everywhere now and how they are presented is what makes your event stand out. We provide you with many options in this area and work diligently with many professionals to ensure the best possible product.

Graphic Design

With so many talented graphic designers around Atlantic Canada and even more so on the web, it can be a daunting and overwhelming task to find someone that’s right for the job. While hold your horses because we have already done that for you. Our contracted designers work diligently to ensure your vision is met in a timely and professional manner; ensuring a quality product that is not only current by will stand the test of time.