Performance Arts

From high flying circus aerials to human statues, Scout Camp curates the best that Atlantic Canada has to offer and seamlessly delivers the talent to your event.


The most engagement and loudest cheer always follow our high flying aerial acts. Whether your venue has a place for us to hang or we bring our 24 foot high mobile rig, we’ve got you covered with our large array of aerial offerings.

Bring your event to life with live interactive performers. From statuesque golden goddesses to playful mimes, we can help you make your next event something to talk about.

Character Work

Acrobatics & Dance

Movement, flow, dance and theatrics are the foundation of all performance. Our multitalented performers demand your attention through choreographed routines, spontaneous flow and pure skill..

Juggling, poi, balance and much more are the centre of attention with these mind bending acts. Years of practice is made effortless, while leaving you in wonder and amazement.


Fire Play

Ok, now we take elements from all of the other performing arts and light them on fire! Our highly trained and safety equipped performers leave you in awe in wonder as they dance in mystical magic with their flaming apparatus..