Entertainment Services

Here you can explore a wide selection of our most booked entertainment services. There won’t ever be a complete list as the nature of our services is to always grow, change and expand. If you have something in mind you do not see listed, don’t hesitate to contact us and share you ideas. We have great resources and connections to wonderful and rare contractors. Based on your vision we are confident to offer you something special and truly unique for your event.

Our services as shown below can be tailored to any theme and setting. More than regular contractors, we are creatives who advise and assist in entertainment concept creation. We are more than happy to talk about your event in detail to create a cohesive and fully immersive event concept.

Aerial Performances

Our high flying aerialists are sure to impress and draw in your audience's attention! Aerial circus performing arts are our specialty above all else, and nothing excites us more than presenting a showcase of high-flying acrobatic wonders! 

The extraordinary acts of our professionally trained and highly talented performers will wow your crowd! With power and grace our artists seem to effortlessly fly high up in the air. Beautiful and elegant movements combined with acrobatic strength, our stunning aerialists will leave your guests utterly breathless and amazed.

Dangling from the ceiling or from our portable rig, we can bring a wide range of aerial performances to you:

  • Aerial Silks

  • Rope/ Corde Lisse

  • Aerial Hoop

  • Trapeze

  • Hammock



Aerial Waitressing

An aerial acrobat serving champagne will send a stir of excitement throughout the crowd! Guests are lured closer than ever to take a glass of champagne from the hands of the dangling aerialist. Becoming part of the glamour themselves the guests will be swept up in the feeling of decadence and engagement.

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Champagne Skirt

This unique, hand crafted champagne skirt will sett off gasps of joy and delight when your guests lay eyes on our elegant champagne serving beauty.

With room for 50 glasses your guests will feel exclusive and special. Our graceful Champagne goddess will ensure to hand a glass to all your guests. This magical experience will spark smiles and leave a lasting impression.

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Fire Performances

Daring and sizzling fire shows stir up every crowd! Skillfully flowing with a multitude of different fire props, eating or breathing fire, our performers spark joy and delight. Their captivating display can be the thrilling end of a show or the highlight of the night. Fire acts are sure to ignite excitement that will ripple through the audience. Stand back and be mesmerized!

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Flow Performances

The elegance and fluidity of our talented flow artists are mesmerizing and draw in everyone’s attention. Their fascinating movements and the incredible interaction between human and prop is an beautiful element to your event.

We provide a wide range of flow props:

  • Hula Hoop

  • Veil Fans

  • Fan Dance

  • Flow Wand

  • Contact Juggling


DJ services

DJ Scout will make sure to set the right tone and mood for the event. Exploring beats and new sounds, he knows how to play for any crowd. He will organically build the mood and guide your guests' journey through the night. Seamlessly, he pieces together music for the performers' acts and provides transitions through all elements of the evening's entertainment.

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Balloon Gifting Stilt Walker

This larger than life character delights everyone with his charm and wit. This multi-talented dynamo and comedic stilt walker will boggle brains with physic-defying balloon creations and keep the market goers in stitches while he does it!

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Roaming Characters

We are delighted to create unique and new characters tailored to your event. They are easily developed and able to be utilized in order to provide information or assist in any course of events throughout your entire event. It's an engaging and theatrical way to highlight aspects of your event.

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Let this bendy lady surprise you with her incredible movements! While her amusing and playful character will engage and entertain the market goers, it is her out of this world flexibility that will leave everyone in awe.

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Hand Balancing

Gravity does not seem to affect our hand balancer. Powerful and majestically he bends into fascinating shapes showcasing incredible strength and stamina. No one can take their eyes away from this strong and beautiful performance!

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Bubble Artistry

This one-of-a-kind artist duo knows how to captivate their audience. Playing with the elements of water, air and soap, their fascinating bubble shapes and formations continuously change and bring pure delight and happiness.

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Bubble Artistry.jpg

Hat Juggling

You'll be in awe when these two artists take off their hats and showcase their brilliant and amusing juggling skills. With their charming and curious characters they will be admired and enjoyed by young and old.

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Face Painting

While having a lot of fun chatting and interacting with kids and adults alike, our face painters will add something unique and wonderful to every face. Tell them what you want to look like and they will delight you with their beautiful creations. Do you just want something small or something to make you shine and sparkle - our skillful face painters never run out of ideas to bring happiness and big smiles to every face.

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Photo Booth

An interactive photo booth draws in everyone to capture the fun of the event. We will bring the right props that fit to your theme and can even make a customized backdrop. Our entertaining photographer will engage your guests and bring out their best side! That’s how we make memories to take home with.

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Event Photography

Make sure to get the best shots of the event!

Our performers will guarantee that you won't forget your event for a long while but with our talented photographers you will have photogenic evidence of all the fun! Our photographer is well versed at capturing the essence of the event. Candid scenes, hands in the air, laughter, and anything else memorable is in the eye of the lens. Time is taken to ensure there are ample shots of the various groups in attendance while also consistently scanning the scene for the magic in the candid moments.

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Customized Entertainment Packages

A great variety of creative services is listed above. All services can be mixed and matched and bundled together to shape a fantastic entertainment package. In the contact form, you can give us a detailed outline of what it is you are looking for. We will get back to you promptly in order to find the best entertainment package for you. As we are setting no limits to where our creative minds take us, there are no pre-made entertainment packages. To be inspired and see what we have created in the past, take a look at our events. There is more than the sum of separate pieces that come together when we put together a customized event package for you.


Aerial Disciplines


HelmFest.ScoutCamp (51 of 143).jpg

What are the different aerial disciplines?

Each aerial apparatus has its own unique flair and powerful presence. There are two ‘soft’ disciplines: Aerial Silks and Rope (also called Corde Lisse). The ‘bar’ disciplines are Trapeze and Aerial Hoop (also called Cerceau or Lyra). The choice of music and most of all the specific performer’s presentation are the key factors for the presence and show impact. All in all, every aerial discipline has an impressing and awe-inspiring effect and will amaze your guests.


Aerial silks


Aerial Hoop


Aerial Hammock


Rope / Corde Lisse




Aerial / Flying pole


 Flow Performances

There is a wide range of different props to move with, so here we show you the most common and most beloved flow props.


fan dance


Flow Wand


Hula Hoop


Veil Fans